Assembly and structuring of the complete technical documentation for your plant comprising the following documents:

Documentation Data Sheet, i.e. a short description of the technical requirements for the execution of the documentation for plant equipment and components.

The following information is included:

  • equipment or component designation
  • designation of required document types
  • designation of categories of documentation required (e.g. job handling, shipping, erection, final documentation)
  • required number of copies
  • type of reproduction and submission dates for the document types to be delivered for the individual documentation categories

Moreover, the documentation data sheet shows the standards, codes and specifications applicable to the execution of the documents, information on agreed document reviews and/or approval marks on documents, document identification, scope of documentation to be submitted, packaging and shipping details.

Operating and Maintenance Manual comprising all technical documents for the operation and maintenance of the itemized equipment included in the scope of supplies.

The manual is composed of the following individual documents:

  • general arrangement drawing or pictorial representation without dimensions
  • engineering data sheet with actual design and execution data
  • guaranteed characteristics
  • spare parts identification drawing
  • spare parts list without indication of prices
  • replacement intervals and descriptions

The individual documents are sorted according to equipment item numbers. The operating and maintenance manual can be submitted either in the form of DIN A4 binders, bound in book form or on an electronic data carrier.

Further documents are e.g.: 

  • Arrangement,- and Guide Drawings
  • Documentation for electrical equipment etc.

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