Our experienced process engineering professionals undertake the following tasks for you:

Development of process descriptions outlining the process flow and the functions of the individual process equipment complete with information on chemical reactions, operating conditions, reaction rates, operating modes and functions of the key control instruments.

Moreover, we conduct process inventories of your existing plant. As part of this activity we establish all available information about the function of your plant and the state and/or the operating behavior of the key process equipment. The results are documented in a report comprising the following main information: process design features of the main vessels and machines, main material and energy flows and rates, assessment of the main physical and chemical data of the process as well as the characteristic operating conditions.

If required, our process engineers will also establish the heat and material balances of your process, develop the process flow diagrams and conduct feasibility studies to identify and assess the key influencing factors affecting the realization of your project. We also take care of the operating manuals for your process plant.

The latter include all documents needed for the proper operation of your plant such as the process-related operating and safety instructions, the analysis plan, measurement and analysis methods for process control, the process description and the process design basis. The process operating manual covers all operating modes such as normal operation, startup and shutdown operation, emergency mode and upset conditions.

Moreover, our service spectrum includes:
  • Analysis plans
  • Process engineering services for the permitting process
  • Component design
  • Redundancy concepts
  • Safety analyses
  • Mass, energy, product and utility balances
  • Process flow diagram
  • Material flow diagram
  • Process design calculations
  • Process manuals

Key Facts:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Safety analysis
  3. Process design for equipments
  4. Process flow diagrams
  5. Process methods, energy balances
  6. Descriptions of process, functional characteristics
  7. Process  related specifications of the equipment, process related layouts

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