szs engineering provides the full range of services for your WESP revamp project, from engineering, via supply, dismantling and erection through to commissioning and after-sales service.

Our revamp services for existing WESPs include the re-lining of the existing precipitator casing, the installation of new discharge and collecting electrodes as well as new high-voltage transformer-rectifier sets while maintaining the existing infrastructure.

Replacement of various wet electrostatic precipitator components like:

  • Replacement of collecting electrodes, conversion from pate, single tube or honeycomb systems to compact thermoplastic tube bundles
  • Replacement of discharge electrodes
  • Replacement of upper and lower discharge electrode support  frames
  • Repair of casing lining
  • Replacement of high-voltage unit and precipitator controls
  • Conversion of  the insulation system (e.g. dry insulator, air-purged insulator, steam-heated insulator)
  • Replacement of precipitator grounding system

The ESP internals are available in all common materials used in the specific applications such as the chemical industry, power plants, municipal waste incineration plants, steel industry, CO gas applications as per the applicable regulations.

For special applications such as CO gas cleanup, the electrostatic precipitator components will be designed to meet the requirements of AD2000 /PED 97/23, ATEX 100a, EEx zone, with conformity declaration according to  ATEX Directive  94/9/EC and conformity certificate issued by TÜV.

Key Facts:

  1. Engineering
  2. Supply
  3. Disassembly / Erection
  4. Commissioning

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