Our E&IC team undertakes the following tasks for you:

Electrical equipment list comprising a short description of all major electrical systems and equipment such as switchgear, transformers, emergency generator sets, power factor correction systems, grounding systems, lighting systems, etc. The following information is included: system / equipment designation, quantity, characteristic design data such as voltage, electric output, characteristic execution data such as type of mounting and type of protection.

List of electrical consumers indicating the main technical data of motors, transformer-rectifier sets, solenoid valves, sub-distribution boards, energy supply for instrumentation, heating systems, etc. The following information is included: designation of electrical consumers, quantity, characteristic mechanical design data, characteristic electrical design data, rated output, rated speed, rated voltage, rated frequency, type of protection.

One-line diagrams for electrical equipment in the form of a simplified single-pole diagrammatic representation of the circuitry by means of graphic symbols without indicating auxiliary connections. Only the principal electrical equipment will be shown. The following information is included: functional interaction and duty of electrical equipment, main design data, voltage levels, power ratings, number of conductors, designation of electrical equipment.

Location plans for electrical consumers showing the approximate location of the consumers of electric energy and the characteristic installations. Electrical equipment will be shown in the form of graphic symbols with the following information: approximate location of electric drives and other electrical consumers relative to characteristic process equipment, buildings and other structures, designation of electrical consumers.

Terminal wiring diagrams comprising the diagrammatic representation of the electrical connections to a designated terminal strip.

The following information is included:  destination of the electrical connections, jumpers for the connection of terminals, designation of the terminal strip, designation of cables, information on the type of terminal, designation of the connected sensors and actors.

Furthermore, our E&IC service spectrum  includes:
  • Cable routing diagrams
  • Space requirement sketch for electrical switchgear rooms and drives
  • Equipment list for circuit diagrams
  • Signal processing list for electrical equipment
  • Cable connection diagram
  • Cable list
  • Installation drawings for electrical equipment
  • List of installation material
  • Location drawing for grounding and lightning protection system
  • Arrangement drawing for lighting fixtures and socket outlets
  • Instrument list
  • Process function chart for process control system
  • Simplified diagram of typical loops
  • Loop diagram
  • Basic circuit diagram – Instrumentation
  • Signal processing list for electrical equipment and instrumentation
  • Location plan for measuring and control instruments
  • Arrangement drawing for measuring and control instruments
  • Layout drawing for mimic diagram
  • Hookups for measuring and control instruments
  • List of installation material for instrumentation
  • Input/output list for distributed control system

Key Facts:

  1. Middle voltage plants
  2. Low voltage plants
  3. Lighting installation, earthing and lighting protection
  4. Buildings
  5. Specifications of equipment, technical handling
  6. Functional descriptions
  7. Operation checkout
  8. Automation Systems:
    Process control engineering
    Process feedback control
    Process optical displays
    Software design client related

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