Our plant engineering and design team provides the following services for your:

The plant engineering and design of your project comprising the definition and coordination of the functional interactions of the main and ancillary unit operations, the associated machines and vessels as well as the interconnecting material, energy and signal flows, complete with the definition of the tie-in and consumption points for materials and energy as well as the waste and emission sources.

The plant description outlining the configuration of your process plant or plant unit in the order of the material flow. Typical information provided includes the function and duty of the plant and its utility systems, conditions for trouble-free operation and potential critical operating conditions and inherent hazards.

Development of the plant layout drawings showing the location of the main process equipment, buildings and structures including support structures. The representation consists of a plan view and typical sections drawn to scale. Typical information shown in the layout drawing includes the location, outline, orientation and spacing of the main axes, the designation of the process equipment, main piping lines, buildings and support structures including platforms, stairways and ladders etc.

Development of the P&I diagrams for your process plant or plant unit showing the functional interaction of all vessels, reactors, machines and other mechanical equipment, motors, engines and/or electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, piping and/or transport routes including valves incorporated in the piping routing.

Functional design of piping and conveying systems comprising the definition of the type and required number of piping and conveying systems, the functional interaction of piping and conveying systems including the functional specification of the required system components.

Development of foundation location plans showing the location of foundations and other major civil work at ground level in the form of a plan view mainly drawn to scale. The outline of foundations and other civil work will be represented to the extent required for the plant layout and design.

Moreover, our service spectrum includes the following 2D and 3D engineering documents:
  • Arrangement concepts and preliminary arrangement drawings for process equipment
  • Plant plot plans
  • Location plans for utility consumers
  • Anchorage and foundation loading drawings
  • Main cable and piping routing diagrams/drawings
  • Piping drawings
  • Piping isometrics
  • Guide drawings for machines and vessels
  • Detail engineering and/or shop drawings for vessels and steel structures
  • Equipment list
  • Piping line list
  • Bill of piping materials
  • Utility list, waste stream list, list of consumables
  • Tie-in point list
  • Design and dimensioning of piping systems and/or piping system analyses
  • Structural analysis for vessels, offgas ducting and steel structures etc.
  • Design and dimensioning of vessels and machines
  • Spare parts lists
We have experience with all state-of-the-art design tools. Our standard design platform is AutoCAD.

Key Facts:

  1. Layouts
  2. Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  3. Design of vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, pipes, pumps, compressors, etc.
  4. Design calculations, piping calculations
  5. Isometrics, piping drawings, detail engineering
  6. Inquiry specifications for machinery, equipments, etc.
  7. Engineering, Delivery of process equipment for the environmental technology

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